Los Angeles Puts a New Spin on Viking Dishwasher Repair

Viking is one of the most popular dishwashers in the residential and commercial kitchens of Los Angeles. You know that a Viking is a significant investment. It demonstrates a serious commitment to the form and function of a kitchen. So for Viking dishwasher repair Los Angeles professional and amateur chefs turn to trained specialists in the art and science of Viking dishwasher repair. And now, many chefs aren’t even waiting until they experience a problem with their dishwasher; they are taking advantage of the new «Top 5» preventive maintenance plan.

Rely on a factory-trained expert to confirm the condition of 5 key features of your Viking dishwasher:

Multi-Level Power Wash
Your Viking dishwasher features the biggest, most powerful steel dishwasher arms in the world. In combination with the automated detergent dispenser, they clean every spot, every speck on every dish, every glass, every cup, every utensil. If the arms are loose or in any way compromised, your Viking dishwasher won’t perform the way you want, expect, and paid for it to. The Top 5 preventive maintenance plan makes sure the arms are in perfect condition.

Sure-Temp™ Water Heating
Your Viking dishwasher features a HydroFlo™ water heater designed for precise, consistent temperature control with every use for years to come. The HydroFlo is the heart of the system; it is essential to ensure its proper functioning.

Quiet Clean™ Performance
This is one of the Viking’s biggest selling points. Insulation absorbs sound and retains heat. All components are cushion-mounted. Motor and pump assemblies are separate to optimize quiet operation. The Top 5 maintenance plan covers all insulation and assemblies.

Filtration System
The Viking dishwasher has a meticulous filtering and disposal system. It prevents redeposit of food particles on all dishes, glasses, cups, and utensils. It even maintains the cleanliness of the interior of the dishwasher itself! The filtering and disposal system are thoroughly inspected in the Top 5 preventive maintenance plan.

Sturdi-Bilt™ Racks
Your Viking dishwasher has heavy-duty, nylon-coated, steel racks that can hold 13 place settings in one load. The Top 5 preventive maintenance plan confirms their integrity.

Whether you have the Professional Series, or Designer Series, or the Commercial Series, popular in so many Los Angeles restaurants, you invested in your Viking dishwasher because you wanted the quietest system in the world that delivers maximum cleaning power. Now that you’ve made the investment, protect it. For Viking dishwasher repair Los Angeles relies on the Top 5 preventive maintenance plan.

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