Regular «Checkups» Now More Important Than Ever to Sub-Zero Service

Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers, combination units, and wine storage systems feature highly advanced technology. So for Sub-Zero service, rely on experienced, trained professionals using equally advanced repair and service technology. Beyond prompt repair of any problems, a vital part of Sub-Zero service is regular, preventive maintenance or «checkups.»

Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage systems feature state-of-the-art circuitry; state-of-the-art steel, plastic, rubber, and composite construction; state-of-the-art hinges and hardware. They are designed to deliver superior refrigeration with a superior seal for consistently safer, superior refrigeration. The performance of your refrigerator is, after all, not only a matter of convenience and efficiency; it is also a matter of health and safety.

During manufacturing, each Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, and wine storage system is subjected to rigorous quality control testing to ensure optimal performance. However, there is nothing quite like putting a Sub-Zero to the «real world» test of daily use in a residential or commercial setting. Nothing compares with the wear and tear on a refrigerator or freezer or wine storage system in a busy home or apartment or in a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or other industrial kitchen setting.

Think how many times your refrigerator gets opened and closed, opened and closed all day, every day. And each time, the temperature and lighting systems make continuous adjustments to maintain steady cooling. Every part of every component endures pulling and pushing and stress. It’s a wonder refrigerators and freezers work as reliably as they do!

And as refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage systems get more and more sophisticated, their maintenance and repair become more and more challenging. Fixing a broken Sub-Zero refrigerator isn’t the work of a handyman with a screwdriver and wrench; it requires state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair technology. Repairing today’s refrigerators is like repairing a car. It involves advanced electronics, space-age composite materials, and a lot more than the old days of the «ice box.» Today’s repair technicians carry many of the same tools as the specialists who work on jet aircraft.

With steady maintenance, however, your Sub-Zero should require few, if any, actual repairs. Like a high-performance automobile that delivers year after year of performance if regularly maintained, your Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, or wine storage system will do the same. It will provide you with years of outstanding performance to keep your food, beverages, and other perishables safely cold.

Contact a Sub-Zero repair specialist. With today’s advanced refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage systems, this is the ideal time to request a «check-up.» It is the best way to keep your Sub-Zero in perfect working order and avoid any problems that can be both costly and inconvenient in the future.

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