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A broken oven is a major inconvenience. It means no baking, no broiling, and no enjoying so many great foods. But more than inconvenient, a broken oven is also a health and safety risk. It puts your home and your family in danger. So if you have a broken oven and you live anywhere in the Pasadena area, contact C&C Appliance Repair today. We fix both residential and commercial ovens. We do it well. We do it fast. And we do it at a fair price. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services!

What kind of oven do you have? Is it a standard oven? Or perhaps a wall oven or range oven? C&C repairs them all. We even repair convection ovens (plus microwave ovens too). Our specialists are experienced and factory-trained in all makes and models: Bosch, KitchenAid, GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool—we repair them all. Perhaps you have a Miele, or Thermador, or maybe one of the Viking or Wolf models.

Everyday, everywhere in Pasadena, C&C Appliance Repair technicians are fixing ovens (and stoves and freezers and more). Our friends and neighbors call us. So do Pasadena’s many fine restaurants and hotels; even hospitals and industrial kitchens contact C&C when their oven needs repair.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our specialists diagnose the problem with your oven. Then they communicate clearly the repairs that are needed and the estimated cost. With your authorization, the make the repairs then run quality assurance tests to make sure every feature of your oven is once again in perfect working order. If you have a broken oven and you live or work in Pasadena, don’t delay. Contact C&C Appliance Repair today! Click Here. Or call (800) 860-0974 .

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The C&C Appliance Repair technicians really know what they’re doing. My Kenmore oven broke the morning I was getting ready to throw a dinner party for my new boyfriend’s parents! I called another repair company. They came and gave me a quote, but I just didn’t get a good feeling from them...and their price seemed outrageously high. So I decided to get a “second opinion” — even though I was starting to panic! — and called C&C. That was a smart move. They were much less expensive and didn’t recommend any unneeded repairs like the other company did. If I hadn’t called C&C, I would have spent hundreds of dollars more! The same day I called, a very friendly, very sharp C&C technician came to my house. He carefully diagnosed the problem then clearly explained, and put in writing, what was needed, how much it would cost, and how long it would take. Once he got my approval, he did the work — right on schedule and right on budget. He cleaned up and my kitchen was back to normal in plenty of time to fix dinner. Thank you C&C. I don’t know if the boyfriend is going to last... but you have my eternal devotion!