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Is your washer broken? Do you live in Irvine? Contact C&C Appliance Repair. Irvine has made C&C their number one resource for the repair of washers (and dryers and refrigerators and ovens and any and all other appliances). At C&C, we guarantee your total satisfaction with the quality and the value of our work. We are proud to provide the best service at the best rates to our friends and neighbors in Irvine!

C&C can fix any kind of problem with any kind of washer. Our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to detect your washer’s problem quickly and precisely. Then they tell you clearly and concisely what repair needs to be made and the cost involved for parts and labor. Upon your authorization, they fix your washer, and then perform a thorough quality assurance test to make sure it is in perfect working order.

C&C repairs residential washers as well as commercial washers throughout the Irvine area. Every day, you will find C&C technicians at homes, apartments, and businesses throughout Irvine, fixing washers. Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled repair, C&C will be there to help. We repair top-loading, front-loading, and space-saving front-loaders. (We repair dryers and other appliances as well.)

C&C repair specialists have factory training in all major brands of washers: Maytag, Frigidaire, and Kenmore…LG, GE, and Samsung… Whirlpool and many, many more name brands found in household and industrial laundries across Irvine. Wherever you live or work in Irvine, whatever type of washer you have, whatever brand it is, whatever model it is, whatever problem it has…contact C&C Appliance Repair. We can help. Click Here. Or call (800) 860-0974 .

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We manage apartments, and we get calls almost every day from one or more tenants needing an appliance repaired. I lost track of the number of repair companies we tried over the years. Most didn’t show up when they said they would. Some didn’t show up at all. Some couldn’t or wouldn’t honestly tell us what was wrong with an appliance. And the estimates we got ranged from too lowball to be true...to outrageously high. Then we finally tried C&C Appliance Repair — the day a very demanding tenant’s Miele dishwasher conked out. C&C delivered the kind of customer service we were looking for. It turned out to be an electronic problem. C&C diagnosed and repaired it. They were ultra-professional. And I knew right then I’d found the finest Miele appliance repair Los Angeles County ever offered. Soon enough, I discovered they also offer the finest refrigerator repair Los Angeles County apartment owners like me desperately need. You can count on C&C to deliver the superior washer and dryer repair Los Angeles business owners, and homeowners, need. Whatever your service need, you can count on C&C for the best appliance repair Los Angeles County relies on day in and day out. C&C is far and away the best. I’ve referred them to family and friends. No one — not a single one — has ever been disappointed with the quality and value of C&C’s work. Throughout all of our apartments, we have just about every major brand of appliance. And C&C knows how to repair them all. The repair techs get factory training so they’re up to speed on all the latest technology. They’ve got the right parts, the right tools, the right know-how. I’m just sorry I wasted all that time and money trying other companies before we found C&C.