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Ask your friends and neighbors in Costa Mesa what they do if their washer breaks. They’ll tell you: Contact C&C Appliance Repair. C&C is Costa Mesa’s number one washer repair service.

C&C repairs all types, all brands, and all models of residential and commercial washers. We are an expert in a top-loading washer, a front-loading washer, a special space-saving model, and many others. No matter what kind of washer or problem you have, C&C will diagnose and fix it using the most advanced technology in the world. We guarantee your satisfaction with the accuracy and quality of our work.

C&C is a leading company in repairing such washer brands as Kenmore, Frigidaire, Maytag, GE, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and many more. C&C repair technicians are highly trained professionals experienced with all models and all brands of washers—both major brands and «off» brands. Contact C&C to fix any washer with any problem.

You can find C&C repair technicians fixing washers every day everywhere in Costa Mesa: homes and apartments, plus hotels, hospitals, and other sites with residential or commercial washers. We know how important your washer is—important to your comfort and important to your quality of life. We will fix it…fix it fast…and fix it right. So if your washer breaks and you live or work in Costa Mesa, contact C&C Appliance Repair. Click Here. Or call (800) 860-0974.

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Very good company. Fixed my stove through them. Very happy with the service and technician. Definitely recommend to use them.