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If you live or work in Costa Mesa and your dishware breaks, contact C&C Appliance Repair. That’s what your friends and neighbors do. In fact, Costa Mesa has made C&C their number one resource for dishwasher repair!

You can find C&C repair technicians working every day, repairing dishwashers in homes and apartments, in restaurants, in hospitals, in hotels, and in other kitchens throughout Costa Mesa. Our repair technicians are professionals with extensive experience and with factory training in the repair of all types of dishwashers, all makes, and all models.

We fix built-in dishwashers, freestanding dishwashers, and dishwasher-drawer models. We even fix the huge industrial dishwashers used by businesses in Costa Mesa. We know them all inside out. We know the types of problems they have, both common problems and complex problems. And we know how to fix them quickly and efficiently.

C&C repair technicians use state-of-the-art technology to perform an accurate diagnosis of your dishwasher’s problem. Then they provide a clear estimate of costs to make the repair. With your authorization, they proceed, fix your dishwasher, and charge what they estimated…without hidden fees and «surprise» expenses.

It doesn’t matter what make and model of dishwasher you have. We know them all. We fix GE dishwashers and Maytags. We fix Frigidaire dishwashers and KitchenAids, Bosch and Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, plus all models from Whirlpool, Miele, and Kenmore. C&C repairs all these major brands and more. C&C even knows how to repair «off» brands of dishwashers.

Contact C&C. Number one in all of Costa Mesa for dishwasher repair. Click Here. Or call C&C Appliance Repair at (800) 860-0974.

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The C&C Appliance Repair technicians really know what they’re doing. My Kenmore oven broke the morning I was getting ready to throw a dinner party for my new boyfriend’s parents! I called another repair company. They came and gave me a quote, but I just didn’t get a good feeling from them...and their price seemed outrageously high. So I decided to get a “second opinion” — even though I was starting to panic! — and called C&C. That was a smart move. They were much less expensive and didn’t recommend any unneeded repairs like the other company did. If I hadn’t called C&C, I would have spent hundreds of dollars more! The same day I called, a very friendly, very sharp C&C technician came to my house. He carefully diagnosed the problem then clearly explained, and put in writing, what was needed, how much it would cost, and how long it would take. Once he got my approval, he did the work — right on schedule and right on budget. He cleaned up and my kitchen was back to normal in plenty of time to fix dinner. Thank you C&C. I don’t know if the boyfriend is going to last... but you have my eternal devotion!